Saturday, November 16, 2013


I have been thinking a lot today about the power in Jesus' name. At the sound of his name every knee will bow. At the sound of his name satan flees. It's so simple, people. Why do we hesitate to call upon the name of The Lord when there is so much power behind it?! Instead we tend to use his name in vein and throw it around like there is no meaning. Let us recognize who God is and how much power there is in his son's name!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Paper Flowers

Hey guys! Here is the really simple tutorial on making the paper flowers I am making for the wedding. Hope it helps those that are wanting to learn! 

Make sure you have a perfect square. 
Fold it in to a triangle.
Fold both bottom ends up to meet the top of the triangle. 
It will look like this. 
Let the edges you just folded fall open then flatten them out like in the picture. Do both that way. 
It will look like this.
Then fold the tips in so they are even with the edge. Do both sides like that. 
Then re fold the ends closed on the fold you made earlier. (Like the left side of this picture) Do both sides like that.
Glue the ends together so it looks like this. Then glue five of these together to make a flower! 
Happy crafting!