Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today, when I got to church, I went to sit in the row of seats my family always sits. Someone was sitting there talking to my grandma who always sits in front of us, so I moved over a few seats. When she got up my mom noticed there was a card sitting on the seat with my first and last name written on it (there are maaany Sarah's at church but this was clearly for me). As worship was starting I opened the card to see that it was one of our church's encouragement cards that you can get from the office to fill out for anyone and give it to them. The only thing it said on the inside was "GOD BLESS" with a very generous gift inside!!! GOD IS SOOOOOOO AMAZING in the way HE provides!!! I am in aw! Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easily excited

Is it sad that one of the most exciting moments of my week is getting the grocery store adds in the mail?! Cause I totally get all excited! (wow..what a California way of saying that "I totally get all excited!" bring on the blond hair and rainbow sandals! haha) It becomes a plan of attack. I set them all out on the floor around me and map out my shopping trip! HA! I Was kinda disappointed at this weeks adds though. There is another good deal on cereal that also includes granola bars and other such items so I'll be hitting that up at Stater Brothers! Other then that...not much to report.
Sarah and I met at the stables today and played with Cash for a good two hours. We had a blast trying to get his lazy butt up and moving! I love horse days!
Tomorrow is AUNTIE/PIGLET DAY!!! It probably tops getting the adds in the mail as far as excitement level! haha! I love spending time with my little bundle of joy!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today I was talking to my mom about being a bargain shopper. I always fill them in on all the good deals cause that is how I roll on such a tight budget. This week I had so much fun running from one store to the next hitting all the amazing deals! At Albertsons they had buy 3 boxes of cereal for only 5 dollars and THEN get a FREE gallon of milk along with them!! WOOOOOOW! Then I hopped over to Stater Brothers where they had their 75th anniversary sale by selling a lot of products for 75 cents and then on top of that a 10 item sale where when you bought any of the 10 items in any of the categories you would get 7.50 off your total. They were cheap items too like 1 and 2 dollar products. I was trying to remember the 75 cent products to tell my mom and one of them that I hadn't mentioned was cheese. I said "they had soap, ect, ect...oh cheese." Right when I said Cheese Hercules turned his head and looked at me because that it is his nick name. It was so funny! we got a kick out of it! I should start blogging about penny pinching. It is quite the art form and I enjoy every minute of it!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blessings among Blessings

Seems like this is just a good time of year! I have another amazing opportunity standing before me! My friend Sarah bought a horse last week. We used to have horses together but hers died about the same time I had to give mine away before moving to Europe. Sooooooo when she was thinking about getting another horse she called me and asked if I wanted to get in on this! We decided that I would clean (which is saving her money) and pay her a VERY minimal amount (since I have NO extra money) to be able to share in her fun with the Horsey! I am so excited that this opportunity came about for us! The horses were such amazing therapy for me during my entire childhood and now I get to add this to the healing process!! Blessed beyond measure! Thank you God and Sarah for allowing me to be a part of this! I am already in love with Cash. :)