Thursday, December 23, 2010

BEST Christmas present EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So a few weeks ago I was telling you about the BEST INVENTION I've ever witnessed...dun dun dun..THE DONUT MAKER!!!! I just received one for CHRISTmas and I think it was by far the best gift I have ever been given! I can't wait for my stinkin twinner to get here so we can try it out together. I promised her I would wait! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and don't let things like donut makers make you forget about the true reason for the season which is the Birth of our Savior!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the simple things

Today I got to sleep in! I needed it very bad and I didn't have to be at work until 4:30PM. SO I decided to let myself rest. Then I was doing laundry and actually found a match for every sock! It felt good to not have to wonder where the missing sock was! haha.
The last few weeks have been busy times filled with baking, crafting, Christmas parties AND birthday parties all with lots and lots and lots and lots (I could keep going) of food!!! My parent's kitchen table is currently FULL of goodies and gifts from my mom's students plus all the stuff we baked the other day. My apartment is also full of many goodies from my students. It was a such a blessing to receive a gift from just about every student this year. They are all so precious! The best gifts are always the ones they make. It warms my heart to hang all of their creations around the house and show them off whenever I have visitors. So fun!
Here are a few little stories to keep you entertained because what kind of blog post would this be if there weren't stories? Let's be real..I mean, I AM a Tribble after all! haha. ;)
Yesterday was an exciting day of crazy occurrences from brainless little me. First I went to work at 4:15am as usual. My manager and I opened the store together and were both a  little slow moving. We chocked it up to being one of those days where you just can't seem to get your act together no matter how much sleep you have been getting recently (which for me is never much). The time went by and we were way less busy then normal because school is out. All of our teacher friends didn't stop in to get their usual pick me up before work. But, none the less, time flew by as usual and it was 8:15am. OFF TIME! ;) So My manager came in from his break and said I could close out my register and then take off. I did just that. In the time it took me to go back, clock out, call my friend and let her know my ETA, then grab my stuff, my manager double checked the schedule. When I was walking out in front of the customers he asked me "So..where ya goin?" I said "Home?" He responded with "oh really? I thought you were off at 9" (In the oh so sarcastic ways he usually does). I decided to check for myself and then responded with "well...CRAP!" He was right. That proceeded to me having to go back to the back, clock BACK in and continue working for another 45 minutes until 9 o clock. We were both on such auto Pilate that it didn't even occur to either of us to I could be off any later then 8:15am because of my school job (which is out for winter break right now). haha..oops!
THEN I went home and changed, grabbed the dog, dropped him off at my parent's house and made my way to the gas station. At the station there were several pumps open. It seemed like a good idea to go to the nearest open pump so I proceeded to number 4. The auto pay machine and I had a randevue of number punching and payment taking. I walked back to the pump and began to pump gas.... at least I thought I had. It took me a little while to look back at the machine and realizing nothing was happening. In the process of stopping and thinking about what had just happened it occurred to me that I apparently I was having a liking for the number 10 because that is the pump number I put in! Instead of 4 which was the pump I was actually at! In a panic I looked around trying to find the number 10! After finding it and realizing it was on the other side of the station i jumped back in to my car and drove over to it. Thank the Lord no one was already there sucking my bank account dry because I probably would have cried! THEN, I was facing the wrong way at the pump so I had to turn around and back in to the space while a gas station attendant was watching me almost run her over. WHO EVER SEES A GAS STATION ATTENDANT IN CALFORNIA?! I mean come on?! After the whole fiasco was over I couldn't help but just start laughing at myself!! Such is the story of my life.
I have many laugh or cry moments and thankfully God has given me a spirit of humor so I can laugh at myself when these things happen instead of get frustrated and cry. Thank you Jesus for this gift of humility and a humbling experience!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Best part of my day

Have I ever mentioned that I LOOOVE my job! Well...both of the but one more then the other for sure! I think being a teacher's aide is the best thing ever! I get to be with the kids all the time and never have to feel tide down by paper work or anything else. And another awesome part is that the parent's tend to love and respect us as much as the teacher. So, come Christmas time we are showered with gifts too. Today one of the cutest kids ever gave me an ornament that he made for me! It was so special and warmed my heart. His mom made picture cards and i swear that will be in my purse for the next few months so i can show off my cute student! He is such a precious and good little boy! I work with him and one of the other little kids two on one everyday and we have a blast! I seriously look forward to going to work everyday and getting paid to play! Today we had free play centers which the kids NEVER get to do so it was so much fun for them! We did playdoh and doll house and art. We have one little guy that is quite the artist. He drew a picture and then managed to use EVERY single star sticker on the sticker page to make ornaments on the tree that he drew. So cute! Anyways..enough about that. On to other cuteness. The kids play at church yesterday was fabulous! Last night I went to Jacquelyn and Joey's apartment to help Jacquelyn get the babies room set up.  It's crazy cool how much stuff has been given to them but also a little overwhelming. We went through a lot of it and then went shopping to get the last of the things they didn't have. I can't believe he will be here in less then 6 weeks! Times flies! I feel like just yesterday she found out she was pregnant which is weird for me because usually babies that I am really looking forward to seem take FOREVER to get here but not him! I am glad though because once he is here he will never leave my arms! Bring an auntie is going to be the greatest thing ever! Can't wait!!!
Anyhow..hope everyone is doing well and the reason for the season is being honored and remembered.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I heard a song today (as you can tell I listen to music a lot) and it went something like this "Cause the pain that you've been feeling, can't compare to the joy that's coming." Interesting concept. I guess it is true because God never allows us to go through something just for the pain of it but on this earth we might never know why we went through some things we did. I don't know that the pain I went through will ever make sense but I know there is joy to come and I hold on to that hope. Interesting thought though

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Donut Maker and other adventures

On Saturday Amber Noel came over and helped me decorate for Christmas. It was so much fun and now my place looks all festive and fun. On Monday Amber Noel, Joey, a friend of theirs and I went to a tree lot and got a tree for our friend Ryan. He got in to a car accident and can not move so we picked one out for him and then took it over and helped decorate it. He was very excited and thankful to us for doing this for him. Later that day we went to the tree lot again and got Amber and Joey's tree. We then went to Target (hoping no would steal the tree) and got some decorations and such. While walking down one of the isles something caught my eye. "IS that what I think it is?!" I ran towards the glorious box and picked it up to discover that I saw properly "A DONUT MACHINE!!!! I NEEEED THIS!" I yelled! After hugging the box for a few minutes and then seeing the price tag I out it down. I think everyone in the store heard my excitement though. It is probably one of the most amazing inventions I've ever seen! I'm sure there have been many of those out on the shelves before but I have never witnessed this with my own two eyes before. Today I went to the White's house and made paper with Annie. We did this once when we were little girls and remembered it being fun so we tried our hand at it again. It was rather challenging to figure out the perfect routine at first but then we got it down pat and flew through it in an hour. It was super fun! That pretty much sums up the last few days of excitement.
Ps. If any of you are wondering what to get me for Christmas feel free to purchase the donut machine at target ;) I will love you forever! ;)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The end of the year is drawing near

I have learned so much in 2010 and I was reflecting on that the other day. Here is a list in short of the things I have been taught.

1. I love Jesus more then everyone/everything in the World.
2. There IS such a thing as a DONUT MACHINE and I MUST HAVE ONE! ;)
3. I love my mom and dad more then anyone could ever explain!
4. My twinner and I have found a knew way to describe our relationship "Wombmate" and I think that describes us pretty well.
5. Kids have been and always will be my life!
6. My dog is the single thing on this earth that can make me laugh in ANY circumstance. AND he has my dad wrapped around his little paw!
7. I am beyond blessed.
8. I LOVE Candy (Specifically Swedish fish) a lot!
9. People will come and people will go but Jesus will never leave
10. When Jesus brings the rain there will ALWAYS be a rainbow on the other side. and the longer/harder rains always have a bigger/better rainbow afterwards.
11. Facebook is horribly addicting.
12. Blogging really helps me sort my thoughts
13. If there is a Sarah around then there is pretty much a guarantee that we will be good friends
14. I love pure innocence
15. When you have a positive attitude no matter what your facing it will always be much easier to get through
16. People will never understand why you do what you do but if it is in the Lord's will do it anyways and let the strange looks roll off your back.
17. Your life's story will be a spring board to help people understand the love of Jesus if you let it. and when you do you will be amazed at how people respond.
18. I love Christmas more then I thought!
19. My sister and I really are more alike then we would ever have thought and we make eachother laugh so hard we almost pee just about every weekend.
20. no matter how far away you get from friends who you had life changing experiences with your hearts will always be next door neighbors.
21. Jumping out of airplanes is a stinkin' BLAST!!!!
22. My brother and sister in law are awesome people
23. living by yourself brings interesting challenges. do you zip a zipper that you can't reach?
24. I am more of a klutz then I thought I was and sharps things and I don't get along well.

These are just a few of the things that I have learned in the last 11 and a half months but I like making lists and wanted to share a little bit of the things that have impacted my life so greatly.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Strange Happenings

This has been a weeeeird week. Everyday I have been confused about what day it is. Not that I am normally on track when it comes to that but every day this week has not seemed like the day it was claimed to be. Here are some of the weird things that have happened all week. Over last weekend I had an opportunity placed in front of me that seems crazy but very intriguing to start off the weirdness (I will know more about by the end of the weekend (There is a teaser for you)). I have been sick all week which didn't help. My friend called me a few days later and told me that someone from her past showed up in her life (complicated story) after MANY years and is now following after the heart of the Lord which makes her world rocked. Then Today, one of the boys in my class who is very compliant and not socially aware AT ALL grabbed the hands of one of the girls and took off running. He would not stop and ran all the way across the lawn before he stopped. She ran right along side him like it was no big deal as they laughed about their choice to run away. It was the strangest thing! Also I had to send my social security card via fax to a company that I am working with and i realized it was missing. So after a few days of having to look through EVERYTHING and rehashing old memories, I found it with the help of much prayer. It has just been a weird weird week. But some really good things have happened as well and a lot has been accomplished along with a lot of stress being relieved. So all in all hopefully I will be able to trudge through the weekend and get to Monday with success.