Sunday, February 26, 2012

Funny but scary....

This picture is stinking hilarious but it kind of scares the crud out of me! The reason is it reminds me that I'm going to be working for a company that revolves around writing, grammar and all that good stuff. Let's be real, I have horrible grammar (to my mother's shame)! I feel like I need to teach myself all the rules again before I move.! Lol!
Anyways, everything is settled at my parent's and I think the next 6 weeks are going to fly by! There will be many more tears, goodbyes, cherished moments and memories to be made! Let the good times roll!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


What a day!!! I am done moving though! Now, all i need to do is finish up with my cleaning and turn in the keys!
We finished just in time for me to jump in the shower and then head off to the baptism i was going to. It is so sad telling people with kiddos that I love that I am leaving and this was such an occasion. I'm sure once i'm there and have new friends and a life in OK then i will feel better about the people i am leaving behind but for now it's just plain hard! I've done it before but it never gets easier! Oh well....can't ever escape from goodbyes in life so might as well get used to it, right?
Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

crack up!

I love kids! They say the funniest things and have no idea that they are little comedians! Some favorite conversations from today.

Student: "can I tell you a knock knock joke?"
Me: "Sure"
"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"water who?"
"water and peanut butter gross together!"
um....what? ROFL!

Me: "What are you doing to your sandwich?"
Student: "I don't like the crust"
Me: "Ok let me help you so you don't take so much of the sandwich off just the crust part. why don't you ask mom and dad to take the crust off for you at home with a knife?"
Student: "My mom and dad say that big boys eat sandwiches with the crust on so i just come to school and ask you to do it."
And the truth comes out! That's the last time I take his crust off!

I completed my Resume and sent it in to my new job last night and I got the kitchen packing completed this afternoon. I feel much better about everything today! I just need to keep truckin and it will all get done eventually. My cousy and possibly my friend are coming to help me finish tomorrow night!! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! That about sums up today. One thing down and a million to go! Someone wise once said:
Just keep swimming
Just Keep swimming, swimming, swimming

That is what I will do....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

you're gonna miss this

I was listening to country music the other day and heard a song that I love but never really connected with until now.
It goes like this....
" You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days
Hadn't gone by so fast

These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this"

I am trying to enjoy every minute of every hectic day here in California because I know that as eager as I am to leave, I will regret rushing through my last days here.
Here are some things I'm going to miss...

1. I'm gonna miss hearing things like this "there's a giraffe on my face" and "what does a glow worm say at the starting line? Ready, set, glow!" from 3-5 year olds every day!
2. I'm gonna miss my babies! I will particularly miss piglet and Caleb Park...a lot!
3. I'm gonna miss My cousin saying "be there in 7 minutes" and mean it.
4. I'm gonna miss having my parents within a 20 minute drive.

The list could go on and on but those are the things I've been dwelling on and there for trying to enjoy the most lately.....

Monday, February 20, 2012


It's that time of year again...moving time! I tend to move once a year because i am always looking for the best deal/nicest place to live in a good location compared to work. The last 3 years i've moved 5 times and i'm about to move 3 more in the next 6 months or so. My motto has been "I take my life one lease at a time." Let's just say i dislike moving around so much but i love change! Along with the opportunity for change comes the opportunity to purge! I LOOOOOOVE getting rid of things! Is that weird?! It is my favorite thing about moving! It always seems like there is something to get rid of even though i do it at least once a year! It is INSANE how much a person can collect in such a short amount of time! As I purge I like to look through things and see if there is any value to it or reason to keep it. This usually brings up all kinds of memories. It seems the last few times i've moved i have not done so much of that type of purging because i was afraid of what I might find. This time I am really into looking through every box, journal and picture. It's been refreshing throwing away pictures i shouldn't have kept and notes i don't need to read. My favorite thing i've found so far has been my prayer journal/notebooks that i have written prayers in. God has taught me so much in the along the way and that is clearly stated in the privacy of my own thoughts and prayers in those journals. Packing is one of the worst tasks but looking at it as packing for the beginning of the rest of my life has been super helpful. Let go of the old and step in to the new!
Please help me to find joy in my journey even when it's hard to let things go. Remind me that no matter what I let go of physically it is not invalidating the past or causing me to loose the memories that go along with those items but rather helping me leave them in the past as a lesson i learned from not to be dragged in to the future. Thank you for all the good and bad that you have brought me through! I look forward to many more adventures along the way! Thank you for being my best friend/Abba/Lover of my soul.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fear of an un wasted life

Did I just say I'm afraid of not wasting my life?! Why yes I did! In other words, I hope I waste my life! Let me explain....
Today the sermon was on Mark 14:1-11. It's a story from the gospel that any seasoned Bible reader would know, but, today I saw it in a different light. It's one account from the gospels of the women anointing Jesus with oil just a few days before passover. During this time of year it was highly encouraged of the people to give to the poor. So here this women is coming along with her jar of oil (costing one years worth of wages) and what does she do with it? She breaks it over Jesus head and pours the ENTIRE jar on Him! WHAT A WASTE, right?! Well...not really even a little bit. She was anointing JESUS CHRIST with this oil!! Yeah know, like the Jesus who walked on water, raised people from the dead, worked miracles...yeah...that Jesus. So can we really chastise this women for "wasting" her entire jar of oil on Jesus head? Nope...we can not. So how do I apply this to myself? Well, I can "waste" my life for Jesus. When it comes to funds, give it all to Jesus. When it comes to time, give it all to Jesus. When it comes to work, work for Jesus. When it comes to moving across country (even though I am scared spitless of leaving my friends and family behind),yep, do that for Jesus too! When it comes to ANYTHING I DO, DO IT ALL FOR JESUS! If this means "wasting your life" in the eyes of the world then so be it! BUT if I am "Wasting my life" for JESUS then IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT!
So is there joy in a "wasted" life? You bet there is! I am excited to waste my life while finding joy in the journey along the way!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Name change along with my others!

I was inspired this morning to change the name of my blog. I was thinking about the changes that are going to happen in the next few weeks,months,years and I'm just amazed at how much joy there has already been in this new journey! When I originally named my blog I was taking the classic Beetles song and putting my own twist on it because those times were tough. I went through 3 hard years of change, growth and major pain so the name was fitting. Now I'm being delivered from all of that and there is so much joy in the future! I'm not saying that it's all going to be candy and butterflies but I love adventure and i'm ready to go!!! what am I talking about, right?! Well...for those of you that haven't heard I am moving to Oklahoma in April! I was offered a job working for the Institute for Excellence in Writing. (For those of you who read my blog and facebook posts, you're probably laughing at my lack of writing skills. So, YES i am planning on learning a lot myself from this company!;)) From my current understanding I will be working in Customer Service but other then that I don't know much yet.
Next saturday I will be packing my life into a truck and sending it off to storage for the next few months until I decide what to do with it all! I have a very strong feeling I'm not going to be willing to pay to ship cross country when it comes time. If anyone needs a couch or coffee table let me know! They are in very good condition and I will be willing to sell them for a reasonable price! ;) Anyways, I turn the keys in to my apartment on the 29th and move in with my parents for the next 6 weeks.
March is going to be full of birthday events, going up north with Amber to visit her family, learning to fly in Fresno, Helping Kristin and Jonothan deliver their first child into this world, work work work, Jury duty (which is of course is on March 29th but hopefully they will read my letter of excuse and let me out of it. Great timing right?! lol!) and much more. Then, come April, I will work the first week and then spring break comes. That means good bye PYLUSD and hello spring break in Washington! I will be off to visit my brother and some friends until april 14th. Then, come home, fill my car with essentials and off I go! If i don't do much blogging in the next fews months, well, it's because I'll be doing good if i can remind myself to breath every now and then!
Please be willing to check in every once in a while though so you can read about my "Joy in the Journey!"

Good bye California...HELLO Oklahoma!