Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ever Wonder Why...?

   Have you ever wondered why it hurts more to watch someone else go through a painful situation than it does to go through it yourself? I think it's because you can't do anything to fix it. At least when it's you, you can self soothe or just sit around and feel sorry for yourself. When it's someone else, all I want to do is reach in to their chest and cradle their heart!!
   I'm learning that I'm just plain 'ol doomed in this area. Being a tender hearted person, who truly and genuinely loves people to their core, comes at a very high cost! It makes me also wonder how Jesus did it. I mean, obviously he was Jesus, so that part about being fully God helped, but being fully man too? How could he walk this earth and not be depressed ALL OF THE TIME?! When my friends and family hurt, I hurt bad! Jesus loves EVERYONE on this lowly earth so much that he died for us to keep on living our messed up lives and still spend eternity with him!
   Welcome to my thoughts. I have very high highs and very low lows. My dad likes to call it being "passionate." I'll stick with that description because this world would probably label me as "dramatic." Thanks for helping me put a positive spin on it dad.

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