Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Chunk of My Heart Lives in Washington (Part 1)

   I have been avoiding blogging lately. It is such a sweet place to reminisce and clear my head, but, it can also be a painful place as I hash through the issues of life in writing. Sometimes it's easier to take a break and not think for a while. To say the two weeks preceding my trip to WA were awful, would be a complete understatement. So, for now, we will focus on the trip and maybe come back to the other stuff later.  
   So....the trip. It was long and short at the same time. I never understand how that happens, but it does. It was so fun watching Rebekah meet Kai for the first time. He loved her. We had 24 hours with him and Jefri right when we got to Tacoma. Jefri picked us up from the airport, then, the agenda contained A LOT. We took pictures with the easter bunny, ate chipotle (for Rebekah, who begs for it every time she is near one), went to swim lessons, drank Boba Tea, perused Pike Place Market, Uwajimaya Market for Sushi and Pho (MMMMMMMMmmmmMMMMMM!!!!), had movies and cheesecake at Jefri's condo, a good night sleep and a great morning conversation with the Geortzens and breakfast with Jefri. Whew, it was a packed but AWESOME 24 hours!
   After breakfast, Seth brought me and Rebekah our parent's Toyota Camry, which he had brought back with him when he went to visit them via bus a few days earlier. Seth went home then Rebekah and I took off. The road trip was SO FUN! We talked, laughed, took pictures, played in the snow on the passes and just plain ol' bonded. It was great! By the time we got to Endicott, it was mid afternoon and we were so happy to be there. Mom took us on a walk to see the "thriving metropolis" of Endicott (as my parents like to joking call it), which took all of 15 minutes. haha. On the walk back around to the house (it is located right next to "city hall"), my mom noticed the door to city hall was open and there were people there. We went in to check out what was going on and found out it was a food bank run by Second Harvest. SO COOL! Second Harvest is an organization that our church back home partners with once a month to do a food bank for the community. Anyways, that evening we made dinner and chilled.
   Friday morning, Rebekah, Dad and I walked to "coffee with the guys" at "Jenny's Store" (the only store in town). The guys got a total kick out of Rebekah because she could "shop talk" with the best of 'em. They are mostly farmers (or were at some point in time). This group of guys goes to coffee every morning and hangs out together until about 10am. Sometimes, Jenny serves breakfast and coffee. Other times it's just coffee. Every Friday is breakfast sandwich day. This is a big deal, mind you! After coffee, dad had a dr appointment in Colfax (closest "big" town), so mom, Rebekah and I went along to see the sites. We stopped at "Tick Clock" to get dad's meds. It is an adorable gift shop/catch all type store with a pharmacy inside. Next stop was the grocery store to get stuff for Easter breakfast at the church. We couldn't find what we needed (mini donuts) for our little Pinterest project, so we went to the gas station and found them there. At home, we hung out and mom and Rebekah gardened. After that, we made dinner then did some prep for the easter egg hunt the next day.
   To be Continued......

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