Saturday, March 26, 2011

Long time no write

I am finally connected to the world again after three years without tv and 2 years without internet!! It is a weird feeling and I kind of don't like the distraction but I am hoping I can actually get back to blogging clearing my thoughts through writing them down. The last three months have been crazy! The beginning of the year always seems that way with dates I don't like to remember, a gagillion birthdays to celebrate, moving (usually happens at the beginning of the year for me), new hopes, dreams and goals! I get kind of lost in it all and a lot of times forget to breath much less stay connected with the world! The biggest things I remember about Jan are:
1. A new life perspective (which sadly I have mostly forgotten about by now but I plan on changing that!)
2. Caleb was born and then put in the hospital twice within the first week of life
3. I started babysitting for some friends once a week and fell in love with their kids!
4. God provided over and over and over even when I doubted
5. The last day of the month has and always will suck in my book
6. Started a once a month reconnection time with close friends
The things I remember about Feb are:
1. God provided an AMAZING apartment
2. Moved into said apartment
3. Stressed about how I was going to afford said apartment
4. God provides again and again and again
5. many parties and gatherings with close friends so they could see my new place
6. went to see my SEWAH for Valentine's day and it was the most amazingly blessed 5 days i've had in FOREVER!
7. Had a HORRRIBLE week and thought my world was falling apart but then God provided yet again! (why do i doubt?!)
8. Realized how much I love my mom and how much her and my dad love and care for me!
9. my mom and i fixed my fridge and it was hilariously awesome!
Things I remember most about March are:
1. March 1st marked "Happy birthday month!"
2. Realizing how much I love having a march birthday and a twinner to celebrate with!
3. big family party
4. Getting pretty sick
5. 1st Auntie/Piglet date!
6. Tattoo with my twinner and meant to be wombmate
8. Wendy and Isabel came to visit
Like I said, busy! The more I look back at the last three months the more I realize how much I love Jesus and being like a child while dancing with Him daily! I love kids as I am sure I mentioned a thousand times! Getting to be with them every day is a joy and it confirms in my heart on a regular basis that Jesus wants us to have child like faith asking questions and being silly in His presence! My heart is full of Joy today! I just love Jesus so much! The tattoo I got on Thursday is a physical statement of my love for Jesus! I have wanted to get one for many years but waited for so long because I did not want to just get a tattoo I wanted it to have more meaning then anyone would ever know by just looking at it! I will leave you with what it means to me. The sign for "I love you" has always been special to me. Not only is it special because of my background in sign but because my nana would always wave "I love you" when she was saying goodbye as children instead of just waving with a typical open handed wave. Also my cousin and I decided that it needed the nail hole in the wrist because the cross was Jesus ultimate act of love.
The rambling is probably expected of me now but sorry anyways. 
I love you Jesus!

 Dancing in His presence always,

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