Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easily excited

Is it sad that one of the most exciting moments of my week is getting the grocery store adds in the mail?! Cause I totally get all excited! (wow..what a California way of saying that "I totally get all excited!" bring on the blond hair and rainbow sandals! haha) It becomes a plan of attack. I set them all out on the floor around me and map out my shopping trip! HA! I Was kinda disappointed at this weeks adds though. There is another good deal on cereal that also includes granola bars and other such items so I'll be hitting that up at Stater Brothers! Other then that...not much to report.
Sarah and I met at the stables today and played with Cash for a good two hours. We had a blast trying to get his lazy butt up and moving! I love horse days!
Tomorrow is AUNTIE/PIGLET DAY!!! It probably tops getting the adds in the mail as far as excitement level! haha! I love spending time with my little bundle of joy!!

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