Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today I was talking to my mom about being a bargain shopper. I always fill them in on all the good deals cause that is how I roll on such a tight budget. This week I had so much fun running from one store to the next hitting all the amazing deals! At Albertsons they had buy 3 boxes of cereal for only 5 dollars and THEN get a FREE gallon of milk along with them!! WOOOOOOW! Then I hopped over to Stater Brothers where they had their 75th anniversary sale by selling a lot of products for 75 cents and then on top of that a 10 item sale where when you bought any of the 10 items in any of the categories you would get 7.50 off your total. They were cheap items too like 1 and 2 dollar products. I was trying to remember the 75 cent products to tell my mom and one of them that I hadn't mentioned was cheese. I said "they had soap, ect, ect...oh cheese." Right when I said Cheese Hercules turned his head and looked at me because that it is his nick name. It was so funny! we got a kick out of it! I should start blogging about penny pinching. It is quite the art form and I enjoy every minute of it!

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