Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's OK to be jealous.....

because I'm going to opening night for the Angels tomorrow!!!! I am so excited because I thought since I am moving at the beginning of the season I wouldn't make it to a single game! boo! BUT I managed to figure out a way to support my boys from home field one last time (for a while anyways)!!! WOOOOT! aaaaaaaaaaaand for the update on moving...Well...tomorrow is my last day at work! I CAN NOT believe it!! I am still in total shock about the whole thing! My kiddos and co workers keep talking about it and when i respond in kind it's as if i'm talking about an event in the very distant future when in reality it's TOMORROW!!!!!! AHHH! I am probably gonna cry and want to squeeze every child good bye but I will manage some how. This week has been full of many lasts.... 1. My last day with Caleb Park 2. My last auntie/piglet date (for a while) 3. My last day of work I could go on but I won't dwell on it because the future is so exciting too! I can't wait to get to OK and settle in! It's gonna be a while before it feels like home but I anticipate that day will come soon enough! Can't wait for many FIRSTS after so many lasts! Catch ya all on the flip side probably!!!

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