Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet Chaos!

Whew!! Getting ready to move has been madness! I am trying to work, get stuff done, see people and tie loss ends. This weekend I went on my birthday adventure and saw a ton of friends along the way! It was the best whirlwind of a weekend I've had in a long time! Friday morning was off to an interesting start at 4:30am when my car was acting funny. Got it taken care of then headed to Amber's place. We jumped in the car and drove for 4 hours to get to Madera while stopping at Apple Annies for breakfast along the way. We hung out with Amy (Amber's sister) for a while. I then left Amber and headed to Reedley to see Virginia! We chatted for a few hours at her adorable home! After we bid adue (sp?) it came time for tea and dinner with Karl at this amazing tea house and then Meditterainian place in the tower district. We walked back to the cars so I could jet off to ground school at the Fresno Airport. When ground school ended it was to Karl's place I went. We sat and chatted for a few hours and then headed to bed to then get up at 6am for my 7am flight! I then FLEW AN AIRPLANE!!!! IT WAS AWESSSSSOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Then Mariah saw I was in Fresno (the wonders of facebook!) and called me. So we went to coffee and had a looovely chat! She took me back to Karl's where I grabbed my stuff and headed to Madera to get Amber. We called Amber's parent's who said we could come up and visit them, so we did! Her mom (Brenda) and dad graciously hosted us for a fun evening together and a lovely morning the next day. Amber showed me around beautiful Valley Springs this morning. Most of her Family came over after that. We hung out until about 2:30 then headed home. The drive was crazy rainy but we laughed and chatted the whole way home. I am now sitting in bed and reflecting on all the lovely people God has placed in my life who I love so much!!! I am one blessed girl!

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