Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All the time in the world due to lack of sleep...

    I can't believe it's been 5 weeks since i last updated my blog. We'll chock that up to how busy life has been!
    I'm finally getting to be the social butterfly you all know and love, again! God has been blessing me with some truly amazing new friends (and reconnecting with old ones) here in the great state of Oklahoma. For that, I am insanely grateful! My social calander has included at least one event every week and busy busy weekends!
    Sooooooo many things have happened since I last wrote! For starters, I will tell you about August at a curriculum company. Can you say PURE INSANITY?! Yep, that about sums it up. You can only imagine how many calls the four of us in customer service had to take to provide the shipping dept with up to 300 orders in one day! Granted, not all of these were phone orders (thank goodness for our website!). *whew* Let's just say after 2 1/2 months of that, we are all very grateful to be entering the "slow season."
    During all of this madness I was still living it up on the weekends with a canvas/paint/mog pog party, church, worship team, cleaning, shopping, discovering new places (like utica square, an adorable out door shopping mall) a house warming party, pretending to learn how to coupon, coffee dates, movie nights....etc. Such is the life of a happy little butterfly!
    Once the "busy season" started coming to an end I was able to attend a weekend get away with the church family at New Life Ranch. NLR is a lovely Christian camp that sits right on the boarder of OK/AR. It was rainy the entire weekend, but, I loved it! The rain made it really feel like fall! An awesome thing about this side of the "world" is that rain doesn't make life come to a screeching halt like it does in California. Activity keeps happening outside even when there is "wet stuff falling from the sky!" Who would have thought?!
    Due to the continuation of outside life during the rain, I was able to learn how to shoot! I also bounced the volley ball around, watched people play soccer and watched other people swim and kayak, all while drinking coffee. Also, during the weekend, Joel led worship and I sang with him, which was really awesome. It was such a blessing to get to know people from the church better since I was still feeling a tad bit out of place. All in all, a really fun time!
     Last but not least, Doug and Amy (amazing couple from church) invited me and a few friends to the Tulsa Shock womans basketball game on Thursday. Afterwards we went to an Irish "restaurant" (aka pub) for dinner. So.much.fun! It is so lovely getting to know the place I call home a little bit better each and every day!
    Next on the agenda? Saturday, 4 friends and I are hopping in my car and driving to Dallas for the day to see MY ANGELS play the Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also plan to hit up in n out and trader joes! Can.not.wait!!!!!!
     All of that to say, thank you for praying for me as I settle in to my new life. Things are finally coming along and Tulsa is truly starting to feel like home! I Miss you all so much!

Loving life because of His grace and mercy,

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  1. What? You're hitting Trader Joe's?? Giving you my list. :)