Monday, January 28, 2013


    Sometimes I wonder, "what did I do to deserve a heavenly daddy like I have?" Gosh, he sure knows how to take care of his little girl! I was just pondering with a friend last night about how I can't seem to shake financial worry. It's the one thing that gets me EVERY stinkin' time! I leave it at the thrown and five seconds later, here I am, sneaking back over to the feet of Jesus, trying to take it back. I'm mean, REALLY?!?! What is wrong with me?! He never gives up though.
    Lately, my car has been nothing but a worry. In November, I hit a deer. Oh joy, $500 for the deductible, that I don't have. In Jan, a huge crack showed up on my windshield, randomly. I chose to ignore it because I don't have $250 to replace it. Later in Jan my battery dies, completely. Gosh, another $250? Sure, let me go get that off my money tree. Oh wait, I DON'T HAVE ONE! seems like the never ending battle!
   Well, in dealing with this never ending battle, while getting my battery changed, I happened to mention that my windows haven't been rolling up properly. After being rolled down with the drivers pannel they refuse to go back up without finagling. A week after mentioning the problem, I got a call from Hyundai. They said, "your part is in." "Excuse me? I didn't order any parts." "Yeah, for your window." "Um, is that covered by the warranty?" "Yep, it's covered for full parts and labor until 60,000." The day I took it in (only a few days later), my car was at 59,000 and something odd miles. God is good.
   Due to all of these issues as of late, I have been looking for ANY way to make my monthly budget lower. One of the things I was looking at was a cheaper insurance company. After about 4 months of research I finally pulled the trigger on Saturday and changed to a cheaper option. During that process, I noticed that my current policy (which effectively won't end until a month from now) said something about "full glass" on it. I had never noticed this before. After emailing and asking what the heck that meant, they told me to call their "glass claims department." Soooo, I have a $0 deductible and a company coming to my doorstep to replace my windshield on Thursday. God is good.
   I seriously can't believe how good he is. If I could just STOP DOUBTING and start TRUSTING, all would be well with the world. So continues the humbling saga......

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