Thursday, July 23, 2015

Off They Go!!

It feels surreal to say that our applications have been mailed!! Applications were sent to 3 different agencies. We have worked so hard to get to this point! The "waiting" stage is finally upon us. This is not a fun stage to be in but we actually feel like we can kind of take a breather now.

At this point we will be hearing about different expectant mom situations and decide if we want to "present" to them. "Presenting" involves allowing the birth mom to view our profile and see if we are the family she wants to raise her baby. As you can imagine, this is heart wrenching with each new presentation. However, we know God is good and He has the perfect situation for us. All we need to do is wait on Him.

Our next big step is fundraising. We have already begun with a shirt sale. Please let me know if you are interested. Email ( or facebook with what size and design you want and let me know if you will send the $30 via paypal or a check (we can provide our address through private message).

We also plan to do a garage sale on August 15th. My sister gave us a bunch of stuff to sell and we have some furniture as well as small kitchen appliances. 

In August we will have the big auction! We can't wait to see how it turns out. My amazing childhood friend, Sarah, is putting it ALL together! What a blessing she is!!!!

Anyways, that is the happenings as of late. Thank you all for supporting us as we journey towards Baby Suppe! 

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