Friday, July 10, 2015

Home Study and Profile Books

Hey everyone!!

We are super excited to update you all and let you know that the home study was approved and finalized at the beginning of the month!! We now have those in hand. Our awesome consultant, Casey, finished our profile books and we will be getting those printed this coming week. Things are really moving along.
The next step includes sending our information to the agencies we have selected and waiting to receive cases from them. They will let us know of potential matches and we will reply and let them know if we want to be presented as a perspective family. The mother then looks through the profile books of us and several other families and picks one.
This is the part of the process that we have no control over. However, We truly feel like we are where God wants us to be so we are pretty calm and patiently waiting.
Thanks for all the support you guys have given!!! If you want to support us financially, we have set up a gofundme account. You can also email, text or Facebook message us if you would rather just have our address.

We love you all!

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