Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I can't believe December will be over in a few short days and then we will be entering the year of (dun dun dun...) 2012!!!! It's a year that the calendar has been dreading since the beginning of time as we know it today! I think it's just going to be another year that we will all look back on a laugh about, just like 2000, but who knows. I highly doubt Jesus will be coming back in the year that everyone has predicted He will because it says "no one knows the day or the hour." Matthew 24:36
Anyways, December.....this has been an interesting month. Of course the Holidays are always hard because it is a time of much family oriented activity, so naturally i spend a lot of time longing for one of my own. I did get to play mommy for a weekend though and that was blast! One of my former students, his little brother and I hung out for the entire weekend while mom and dad were in Vegas. It definitely made me want kids that much more. Once I have a man you all better watch out because I am gonna pop out 15 little mini me's to attack you with hugs and kisses! Ok....maybe not, but Lord willing I really would love to have a ton of kids!
Speaking of family, I am very blessed to have the family i have who supports me and loves me even when i'm a mess. My twinner came to visit which was awesome. I love getting to be adults together. We spent so much of our childhood searching for our own identities and pushing each other away. So, now it's nice to want to be together. The few days she was here were insanely busy, so sadly we didn't get to spend as much time together as we would have liked, but that's ok.
I was very blessed this year with an unexpected gift from a VERY unexpected giver and a bag left on my parent's front porch with my name and nothing else on it that was full of gifts and money. God sure does take care of me through His people! So needless to say I was very well taken care of and i am now fully able to pay rent come the first. It will be an awesome way to start the new year off! There are many exciting things happening in the coming year but it's too much to talk about yet. BUT, The first and very exciting thing to kick it all off will be Piglet's first bday! Can't wait!

Sorry for rambling as usual. Maybe one day my brain will function like a normal human being again and i can write something interesting. Until get this.


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