Friday, February 17, 2012

Name change along with my others!

I was inspired this morning to change the name of my blog. I was thinking about the changes that are going to happen in the next few weeks,months,years and I'm just amazed at how much joy there has already been in this new journey! When I originally named my blog I was taking the classic Beetles song and putting my own twist on it because those times were tough. I went through 3 hard years of change, growth and major pain so the name was fitting. Now I'm being delivered from all of that and there is so much joy in the future! I'm not saying that it's all going to be candy and butterflies but I love adventure and i'm ready to go!!! what am I talking about, right?! Well...for those of you that haven't heard I am moving to Oklahoma in April! I was offered a job working for the Institute for Excellence in Writing. (For those of you who read my blog and facebook posts, you're probably laughing at my lack of writing skills. So, YES i am planning on learning a lot myself from this company!;)) From my current understanding I will be working in Customer Service but other then that I don't know much yet.
Next saturday I will be packing my life into a truck and sending it off to storage for the next few months until I decide what to do with it all! I have a very strong feeling I'm not going to be willing to pay to ship cross country when it comes time. If anyone needs a couch or coffee table let me know! They are in very good condition and I will be willing to sell them for a reasonable price! ;) Anyways, I turn the keys in to my apartment on the 29th and move in with my parents for the next 6 weeks.
March is going to be full of birthday events, going up north with Amber to visit her family, learning to fly in Fresno, Helping Kristin and Jonothan deliver their first child into this world, work work work, Jury duty (which is of course is on March 29th but hopefully they will read my letter of excuse and let me out of it. Great timing right?! lol!) and much more. Then, come April, I will work the first week and then spring break comes. That means good bye PYLUSD and hello spring break in Washington! I will be off to visit my brother and some friends until april 14th. Then, come home, fill my car with essentials and off I go! If i don't do much blogging in the next fews months, well, it's because I'll be doing good if i can remind myself to breath every now and then!
Please be willing to check in every once in a while though so you can read about my "Joy in the Journey!"

Good bye California...HELLO Oklahoma!

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