Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Change

I've been sitting here musing about my day and decide to write down some thoughts.... Change is weird. It's good sometimes and not good others. At least it feels that way. A big change occurred at work today. Today was the day Miss Katie had to leave our class and venture out into the none classroom world. We were assigned a long term sub for the rest of the school year. It was just like any other day of having a sub but to know Katie is not coming back to be the head teacher in our room for the rest of the year is a strange and sad thought. I enjoy my job and I have very much enjoyed learning from the pro that Katie is! Needless to say as much as I like our sub (who i actually have been working with for the last four years as an aide), the kids and my job as a whole, it is making me look forward more and more to spring break when I can pat all my kiddos on the head and say goodbye one last time. This is a season of change for a lot of people. I enjoy change but change is change none the less. Change brings many emotions, sleepless nights and hope for the future! It's going to be weird being a "normal" person with a "normal" job. There was only one other time in my life that I just had ONE full time job to tend to and that was a short lived time for several reasons. All that to say, I'm tired, excited, worried, hopeful, sad, but most of all blessed. Today was not so much a joyful day but a day of being reminded that things don't always go our way but they always go God's way.

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