Friday, June 8, 2012

Stuff and Things

   What a week it has been! Let's just say it has been busy! It all started with some not so good news from one of my closest friends who is very sick. My heart broke into a million pieces. I wish I could be there with her in person to give her a hug while we sit and cry together but I can't.... so I sit here (hundreds of miles away) and pray instead. I know that God is in control and has a plan for everything that happens in our lives but sometimes that is hard to see in the midst of the pain.
    Anyways, This week was very slow at work but very busy in the "wedding world." Diane is in full swing planning her wedding so that means a lot of meetings with vendors/people who are helping make the big day perfect. I am really excited and privileged to be a part of this whole process. Plus, it's giving me something to do since most of the time while I'm not at work, I am bored out of my mind! It is still proving to be really hard having most of my friends living so far away (at least an hour drive), so that makes for some lonely days off. But I am getting by and staying in Clear Creek as much as possible. I think once I have my own place the loneliness won't necessarily go away but I will feel more willing to invite people over. Hopefully once I am in a better routine I can sleep again too. That is a very large hope!
   There is not much to report this week other than that. I really miss everyone at home. If I was a millionaire I would fly home every once in a while just to say hi. It is proving much harder to find joy in this journey as the time goes by so I am praying that God will fill this lonely void soon......

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