Saturday, July 7, 2012


   Let's be real, I was bribed to write this blog. I am not going to complain, though, because the bribe was totally worth it! To top it off I was given a Sbux gift card from my mom and dad. It came in my AWESOME package which I got from them today! They are the bestest! ;) Thanks parentals! So, as usual, here I sit at Sbux with my Iced coffee (due to the gagillion degree heat outside!! It's FREEEEZING in here though!), typing away. I have a lot to say, as usual, but I just don't know where to start. It would only make sense for me to begin with my random life stories per the norm. Since I last updated, A LOT has happened!! I'll just list everything and then possibly expand on it later.
1. Promoted to full time at work last week.
2. Got my new apartment last week.
3. Things have been getting busier at work and it is getting really fun!
4. Started working one day a week from "home" (the Walker's house). This means I was also given a brand new mac book to use for work (It lives at the Walker's house but STILL :) :) :))!!! AWESOME!
5. Joined worship team at church
6. Started getting to know people at church better and really enjoying their company/fellowship!
7. Finally re-united with one of my friends from home who moved here about 6 years ago!  Can't wait to see you again Jen!
8. Visited my grandparents and twister in Abilene Tx!
9. My apartment was fully furnished by my grandparents due to the fact that they sold their house and moved back to the sunny state. HUGE BLESSING!!!
10. My twister showered me with presents for no reason! One of those gifts was a BRAND NEW BEACH CRUISER!! I have wanted one of those since I was a little girl!!
11. Joel Walker moved here. It is so nice to have a friend I grew up with near by!
12. The "Wedding of the Century" (my mom so loving nick named it that yesterday) is only two weeks away and Diane is finally stressing...poor thing! It will all be over soon and then=wedded bliss! ;)
13. REAL fireworks that leave the ground on 4th of July! SOOO FUN! 
That's what's happening as of now. I'm sure there were other things but my brain is dead at the moment so I have nothing else to say. I shall think upon things and have a better blog for you next week. There have been some major spiritual thoughts running through my head as of late but they aren't exactly matured yet. Bye for now friends.

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