Saturday, June 20, 2015

God Guided Journey

Finally....the silence is over. We have decided to let the world know, WE ARE ADOPTING!!! Now, let's get you are caught up on the happenings thus far.

Sometime back in January Zach and I started to feel drawn away from infertility. We didn't really know what that meant but we knew we wanted to be done. Our opinions of what the future should hold were very different. This caused us to take a step back and leave the subject alone for awhile. In March, Zach approached me and said he felt like God was calling us to adopt. He knew that my heart had been ready to do this for as long as I could remember. After the shock wore off, I was able to ask some questions about what he meant. I said, "You know me. You know that I don't do things half way. Are we really going to do this now or are you thinking sometimes in the future?" He assured me that he was ready to get started on this crazy, exciting, exhausting journey. So, the journey began indeed.

I had been following this girl on Instagram that I found through a friend about six months earlier. She and her husband were adopting and they were having a fundraiser that led me to her. Their story intrigued me so I decided to follow along. Through the months of following her, I kept noticing posts she would make about her job. She worked for an organization called Christian Adoption Consultants. I told Zach about her when he mentioned the desire to adopt so I emailed her. Within a few days Casey and I had a phone conversation and we hired her to help us along our journey.

The next step was the home study. After a few emails to local social workers and asking someone from my bible study who she would suggest to hire, we found someone to hire. She and her partner have been working with us to complete the home study process since the end of March. It took us about 6 weeks to get all of our paperwork together and find a time to meet with them. Our scheduled meeting ended up being the DAY AFTER I got home from California in May. Delayed flights due to weather, 1am landing, VERY little sleep and last minute cleaning later, the social workers arrived at our door. The visit went really well and our house passed with no changes needed. The next week we had our individual interviews with them and last week we had our last meeting. Our report is written so now we are just waiting on CRAZY California to get their act together and get us the information we need from them in order for us to be home study approved. (They rejected our forms three times for such stupid reasons...ugh...don't even get me started.)

Where are we now you ask? We are waiting for our home study to be approved while Casey finishes up preparing our profile books and agency applications. Once all of that is done, we can apply to agencies and begin fundraising (for those that have already asked, keep an eye out for this information soon). We finally feel like we are getting somewhere!

The guest room has officially been deemed the future nursery. There's even a brand new crib (thanks to the soon to be Suppe grandparents), a car seat (thanks to the soon to be Walker grandparents. ;)) and some new and handy me down clothes (thanks to auntie Jacquelyn and Uncle Joey) sitting in there waiting for baby Suppe!!!!

It's a long process and there's still a long road ahead but we couldn't be more excited! Thank you all so much for supporting us in prayer and encouragement. We will try to keep you updated as often as possible.    

Mommy-to-be signing out.

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