Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hercules and I went camping with the church family this last weekend. This was a pass fail test for Hercules to see if i could really call him MY dog or just a sorry excuse of a dog that I feed every day. ;) The first night he whined pretty much all night and decided he didn't want to be in the tent anymore so found a way out. Because it was like -83 degrees every night (ok..maybe that is a slight exaggeration) I was wrapped up in all my blankets and then shoved into a mummy bag. So when Herc decided to leave I heard him unzipping the tent and had a slight moment of panic when i couldn't get out of my mummy bag in a speedy fashion. So i rolled off my air mattress and on to the ground and wormed myself over to him just in time to grab his tail as he was exiting the door of the tent. If you didn't know this before take a note...gloved hands make it really hard to grip anything so he was able to get away. After squirming my way out of the sleeping bag and chasing him around in my slippers on the dirt, feeling like i wanted to hurt him just a little, he learned not to leave without permission anymore. Other then that we had a VERY fun time and he passed with almost flying colors. He is a very relaxed puppy and we have tons of fun together so this is another fun thing to add to our activity list! I love my baby boy! Above is visual proof that he IS in fact the cutest dog you will ever see!! This was a picture from last Halloween which seemed fitting since Halloween is on Sunday.
Ps...Jonathon and I went around asking people all weekend if they had ever turned in their tootsie pop wrapper with an indian shooting a star on it for a free one. No one had ever had success it seemed so Jonathon looked it up online when we got home and discovered that WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO our entire childhood and it was never true but rather a fable that has been circulating basically since tootise pops were created. It was a very tragic realization but I think we will survive!                       

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