Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some people say I should Write

This is nothing exciting or out of the ordinary..just ramblings of a girl who's mind never stops moving and feet never stay in one place. People say that my life is never dull and I choose to think it's because i live life for what it's worth and laugh often at myself. God made people like me so He would always have someone to be entertained by! When life gives me lemons make lemonade because one can either choose to laugh or cry about everything that happens to them in a day. I'm human..sometimes i choose to cry but mostly i say "thanks for making me laugh today" and keep on truckin'. God is the one and only in my life and I would never have it any other way. I work with kids so there is always a good story or two and when you add me in the mix life never has a dull moment. I do dumb things but it's ok because i keep myself entertained.
Yesterday's adventure:
I got home from camping at about 3pm on Sunday afternoon and chose to park my car on the street while unpacking things. Normally i would park in the covered parking area but it is all the way on the other side of the complex so during the day i park on the street. After loading all my things in to the apartment Hercules (the other love of my life, my dog) and I went inside. I gave him a bath then took a shower and unpacked everything promptly forgetting that my car was on the street. I crawled in bed at about 7pm and fell asleep for the night. At 3:30am I woke up for work (a career at starbucks has it's ups and downs) and walked out to my car at about 4am. It looked like it had been raining all night and was kind of misty while i was walking to the carport. When i got there I looked around and had to stop and think because my car was not there. The first thought that came to mind was not "SOMEONE STOLE MY CAR" but rather "What did I do with my car?" It took me a second to realize that the night before I had left it on the street. After the light bulb went on a walked back to the street and saw my car. It was pitch black outside (as usual at 4am) when i got into my car. When I sat down my butt was instantly soaked. I thought that maybe i had brushes up against the car which was wet while getting in and then realized that while driving home the day before the car smelled like dirt from camping so I cracked all FOUR windows (which I NEVER do). So not only was my car soaked but so was my butt! It made for a good frustration and then an even better laugh.

This is the first of many........ 

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