Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kids say the darndest things!

I was just reflecting on what an amazing job I have! I get paid a very decent amount of money to act like a preschooler! It is pretty much the best thing ever! Coloring, painting, singing, dancing, reading hop on pop a million times a day and just plain HAVING FUN!! I love my class this year! They say some pretty funny stuff! The other day a student (who is the son of a friend so this makes the story even better!) comes up to me and says "my mom calls my dad a babe!" totally out of left field! I think I shed a few tears from laughing so hard over that one! Another student while reading hop on pop proclaims "HE'S ABOUT TO HURT HIS BUTT!" when asked what the character was doing. I was looking for a response more along the lines of "He is going to sit on the cactus." haha...oh boy do they keep me on my toes. Autism is like the coolest disorder ever (did i mention they all have this disorder?)! I wonder what they are thinking half the time. They are so literal. One little boy was walking through a swinging door and i told him to "watch the door" so he did...he watched it smack right in to him. haha. I have to rephrase things quite often because i forget how literal they take everything. Anyways...that is my randomness for the day...
Off to the best job ever! We are having a halloween party today! YAHOO!

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