Monday, December 13, 2010

Best part of my day

Have I ever mentioned that I LOOOVE my job! Well...both of the but one more then the other for sure! I think being a teacher's aide is the best thing ever! I get to be with the kids all the time and never have to feel tide down by paper work or anything else. And another awesome part is that the parent's tend to love and respect us as much as the teacher. So, come Christmas time we are showered with gifts too. Today one of the cutest kids ever gave me an ornament that he made for me! It was so special and warmed my heart. His mom made picture cards and i swear that will be in my purse for the next few months so i can show off my cute student! He is such a precious and good little boy! I work with him and one of the other little kids two on one everyday and we have a blast! I seriously look forward to going to work everyday and getting paid to play! Today we had free play centers which the kids NEVER get to do so it was so much fun for them! We did playdoh and doll house and art. We have one little guy that is quite the artist. He drew a picture and then managed to use EVERY single star sticker on the sticker page to make ornaments on the tree that he drew. So cute! Anyways..enough about that. On to other cuteness. The kids play at church yesterday was fabulous! Last night I went to Jacquelyn and Joey's apartment to help Jacquelyn get the babies room set up.  It's crazy cool how much stuff has been given to them but also a little overwhelming. We went through a lot of it and then went shopping to get the last of the things they didn't have. I can't believe he will be here in less then 6 weeks! Times flies! I feel like just yesterday she found out she was pregnant which is weird for me because usually babies that I am really looking forward to seem take FOREVER to get here but not him! I am glad though because once he is here he will never leave my arms! Bring an auntie is going to be the greatest thing ever! Can't wait!!!
Anyhow..hope everyone is doing well and the reason for the season is being honored and remembered.

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