Friday, December 3, 2010

Strange Happenings

This has been a weeeeird week. Everyday I have been confused about what day it is. Not that I am normally on track when it comes to that but every day this week has not seemed like the day it was claimed to be. Here are some of the weird things that have happened all week. Over last weekend I had an opportunity placed in front of me that seems crazy but very intriguing to start off the weirdness (I will know more about by the end of the weekend (There is a teaser for you)). I have been sick all week which didn't help. My friend called me a few days later and told me that someone from her past showed up in her life (complicated story) after MANY years and is now following after the heart of the Lord which makes her world rocked. Then Today, one of the boys in my class who is very compliant and not socially aware AT ALL grabbed the hands of one of the girls and took off running. He would not stop and ran all the way across the lawn before he stopped. She ran right along side him like it was no big deal as they laughed about their choice to run away. It was the strangest thing! Also I had to send my social security card via fax to a company that I am working with and i realized it was missing. So after a few days of having to look through EVERYTHING and rehashing old memories, I found it with the help of much prayer. It has just been a weird weird week. But some really good things have happened as well and a lot has been accomplished along with a lot of stress being relieved. So all in all hopefully I will be able to trudge through the weekend and get to Monday with success.

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