Friday, January 14, 2011

Injury, Blessings and more blah blah blah

Today I was at work and hit my head on a cash drawer. It hurt. Resulting in this. Meet Fransisco the goose egg.
There is so much to write about but I  don't even know where to start. First of all I guess I should say, God is good..all the time. He has blessed me BEYOND what I have ever deserved and seems to never stop blessing me even though I suck sometimes. Yesterday I went to School's First FCU and transferred my car loan to them. It was the easiest thing I have ever done and I got a VERY low interest rate along with super amazing deals. Like no payments in August or Sept because those are my two lowest paying months, aaand lower payments. Next I will transfer my credit card to them. Praise God for helping me be a better steward of my money! 
Also today I got a picture text from my Sewah with this picture! She is amazing and paid for me to come visit her in 4 weeks so we could be together for Valentine's day!!! What a gift this is!!!!  
 I can't wait for this!
 Hopefully this weekend I will have a nephew! Jacquelyn is in the beginnings of labor stages and we are hoping the baby will come on his own and not have to be induced on Monday....
 I spent two different times with my cousin this week. We are kindred spirits. We secretly think that we were meant to be triplets but then God decided the three of us would be too much to handle together so He separated us to the next best thing, Cousins! We call each other "meant to be wombmates" and it's so true. We just get each other. We can both be talking a million miles and minute and track like it ain't nobody's business.  I Sure do love her! We are planning something special to help resemble our wombmateness and hopefully it will play out on our birthday! YAY! 
Anyways..that is all for now. Hope it wasn't too much ramblings for one post!
Loph you all!

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