Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year, New life perspective

So as many of you know the last few years have been a challenge for me. A lot has happened and God has really been stretching and growing me in MAAAAANY ways! He has really placed it on my heart that 2011 needs to be epic. He wants me to change my perspective on life completely and focus WHOLLY on Him. I also know that this will be a year of Miracles. I'm calling it and sticking to it so at the end of the year I can say "God, We NAILED IT!" :) Yes, I know I am weird. So here are the ways that I plan on doing these things...
1. Build better community and stop sitting around and being a loner.
   a. Take one person a week to coffee or dinner
   b. Be a better mentor to the jr high girls I work with through sleep overs and hang out sessions
   c. Write one card a week to anyone about anything purely to work on encouraging the body of Christ
   d. Be more focused on building relationships with others for their sake, not mine
   e. Go riding with my cousin once a month (at least. more if possible)
2. Don't spend money on myself aside from necessity and things that help build community/glorify the Kingdom (With exceptions of souvenirs while being on vacation)
3. Go to Florida on Valentines day to deliver a very special gift to the person who quite possibly has the other half of my heart (Sarah Watson)
4. Go to Guatemala
5. Read my bible EVERYDAY for 365 without missing even one!
6. Be more intentional about what I say and what I mean by it as not to talk poorly about others or offend anyone
7. Be more kind to my family because I'll admit, I suck at it!
8. Be a shining light to everyone around me by always having a good attitude and smiling more often
9. Be more intentional about my prayer life and calling on the name of the Lord. He answers those who call!
10. Use the money that I am not spending on myself for more random acts of kindness and helping have compassion on others.

These are some things God has placed on my heart. Trust me, I'll fail. I know I will. But, I am vowing to work on them and trusting Jesus everyday to help me better myself for His kingdom! I hope you all will join me in this endeavor and really think about and focus on the things God is asking you to do in this new year to better HIS kingdom!


  1. Pretty sure the heart was separated at birth and was reunited in Hungary and will again be together on VALENTINES DAY!