Sunday, July 22, 2012

THE wedding

   Well well well, the day finally came and went yesterday! What an exhausting, crazy, fun, stressful, baby screaming, hyper kinda day it was! I think I walked up and down the THREE flights of stairs too and from Diane's apt like 8007 (maybe a slight exaggeration) times!
   So the week started for me on Thursday. I got off work and ran straight to Diane's apt for the bachelorette party. We had a lot of fun celebrating, playing games and opening presents with Diane. But I still had to work the next day so I peaced out at like 11. Thur night I was able to sleep a little then off to the Walker's for work I went on Fri morn. It was a slow morning and there was a lot to get done (and Mikeal was getting ready to proposed to Jessica so the whole Walker family was leaving the house), so I left at one and ran home to get ready. After I was ready to go, I went to Diane's apt to help out. When I got there Kristin and I ran to two different Micheals to get more sprinkles for the cupcakes. For those of you that have seen (or heard) Bill Ingval and his "Hears your sign skit" you will totally understand. I walked in to the micheals and the girl at the counter asked me if I "had a big project." I so wanted to look at her and say "No I just decided to buy every bottle of cup cake sprinkles you have so that I could see how many I could get in my mouth at one time! Here's your sign" BUT, because I am quick on my feet it came out like this, "Weddings tomorrow. Ran out of sprinkles. Brides kinda stressed. I'm solving the problem!"and then jet out the door. haha! Due to the sprinkles disaster it was too late to meet everyone back at the apt so Kristin and I headed to the church. I have NEVER seen so much TRAFFIC in Tulsa!! What the heck?! It took us 45 minutes to get to the church but thank goodness we were still on time! The rehearsal went well then we drove all the way to Locust Grove for dinner. There was some miscommunication so we ended up with 6 people needing to get back to Tulsa and a little tiny 5 seater rental car. It was quite the experience! 4 of us squished in the back where none of us could sit straight because we literally couldn't fit all of our hips in a row on that little tiny bench seat. We eventually ended up with Diane on top of all of us. It was a clown car moment for sure! After a few little issues the Beautiful Bride was on her way to bed and I was on my way home! 
   The Next thing I knew my alarm went off and it was WEDDING DAY!!!!!! I received an adorable text from Diane that morning that said "No bubble or sparklers for the grand exit. Problem or no problem?" haha. So I responded with "no problem" of course and then we had a lovely little early morning text chat sesh. She is so precious! Once I was ready I headed out the door (About 9am) to make my way to Diane's apt. Diane and Becky were diligently getting ready when I walked in the door. We spent some time chatting it up while the bride was getting her hair done then Heather (Brides new sis in law) and I headed to the church (after walking up and down the stairs about 7052 times) to set up candles and stuff. When we got back Diane sent me to taco bell to get lunch for all the girls. The ADORABLE photographer was there when I arrived home from taco bell and was taking pictures of the bride and bridal party. Denise (one of the bridesmaids) needed help with her baby, Aiden, so I got him for a little while. We went to the church at 2:30. The bridal party (10 BRIDESMAIDS!!!) along with the bride and moms squished into a little tiny cry room that was probably no bigger then 10x10. It was TINY!!!! This is where things got interesting. I closed the center isle doors (all of this is happening while I have Aiden on my hip BTW) because people were not walking gracefully and kept knocking the candles lining the center isle over. It was quite the problem. So my solution was to let people seat themselves on the outside and go in the two side doors. Well, some how the doors kept getting shut and the center isle door kept getting opened. After re opening the doors and shutting the center ones twice I noticed who it was that kept undoing what I had just done. It was very frustrating! Then the Brides grandma and brother went MIA so I am not gonna lie, IT WAS STRESSFUL!!!!!! We never ended up finding them and the wedding had to go on without them. The bridal party made there way down the isle and then came the STUNNING BRIDE!!! She was soooo gorgeous! The grand entrance went off without a hitch until the brides dress almost caught on fire at the end of the isle, NBD. lol!! Luckily one of the audience members saw it and ran over to lift her dress off the candle. This is when I didn't get to see anything else because it got too loud with all the moms and babies in the entry way so I closed the doors and the wedding went on. It was an hour and a half latin mass so Aiden and I got to enjoy watching (and when I say "enjoy" I mean he screamed the whole time. For being the baby whisperer this baby did NOT want to be whispered. weird) from the cry room. 
    Once the ceremony was over the bridal party greeted the guested and then headed to a park down the street and everyone else headed to the reception hall. It was an eventful drive to say the least. First off I had a the DJ tex me and ask me to come find him when I got there. Second my GPS said I was there but I kinda found a problem with that when the address it lead me to was someones front door. The funny thing was that this happens all the time apparently so there were about 4 other cars behind me. One of the Neighbors came out and told us where to go so we led a little caravan over to the Glenpool event center. I eventually made it there and was able to pow wow with he DJ. We worked really well together. Surprisingly enough the Bridal party was ON TIME from taking pictures so we got the party started!!! The reception was flawless!!! It was such a blast!! I was able to enjoy the party while staying on top of things. We drank, ate and danced our hearts out. The Walker family (and the soon to be Walker, Jessica), Cameron and his sister, Sophie sat with me. We enjoyed each others company to the max! I adore Sophie! We became fast friends!! Thankfully she doesn't live too far ( about 2 hours) so I think we will get to hang out some!! I can't wait! 
Anyways, So many things happend at the reception that I won't waste your time with any more detail then was already given. I will tell one funny story though. Diane and I were goofing off (what's new right?) and as I was shaking my booty at her she ran up behind me and knocked my glass of red wine in my hand ALL OVER HERSELF and me!! It was pretty funny. So I grabbed her arm and we ran into the bathroom. Luckily those stains will come out with dry cleaning. The bride and groom headed out the door at 11:30 and off to wedded bliss they went! It was such a lovely wedding! We were able to get all cleaned up and leave by 12:30. It was a night to remember for sure! I love my new friends so much and was so honored to play a part in the big day! 
   Welp, I better run. About to Skype in to Sarah J's baby shower!!!!! YAY! Have an awesome week everyone!   

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