Tuesday, November 23, 2010

busy busy busy

I have sucked at this whole blogging thing lately. I think I get overwhelmed in my own thoughts and super busy socially to where I just don't know what to write.
Today I went with my cousin to run errands. We both have worked for the school district for 2 1/2 plus years (her more like 4 1/2 plus) and never opened up a school first credit union account until today. We went in and they were running a special where school employees would get 55 dollars for opening up an account. So needless to say we took the free money and signed up! woot! I was telling Jacki (my cousin) all about how God has truly blessed me in the last few years but especially the last 8 months and REALLY a lot in the last month. I have been able to live in a very tight budget every month for the last 8 months and have all the money I need to live in an apartment on my own, have a new car, insurance, utilities, gas credit card bills..yada yada yada! God is soo good! I am more then blessed! In the last month alone i had a day off from the school and a friend asked me to go work for her so i was able to earn money on an already paid day off as well as getting a bonus from starbucks for christmas which never happens! I just can't even count the ways that I am blessed. God sure does now better then I ever will what I need and how to bless me!

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