Thursday, February 23, 2012

crack up!

I love kids! They say the funniest things and have no idea that they are little comedians! Some favorite conversations from today.

Student: "can I tell you a knock knock joke?"
Me: "Sure"
"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"water who?"
"water and peanut butter gross together!"
um....what? ROFL!

Me: "What are you doing to your sandwich?"
Student: "I don't like the crust"
Me: "Ok let me help you so you don't take so much of the sandwich off just the crust part. why don't you ask mom and dad to take the crust off for you at home with a knife?"
Student: "My mom and dad say that big boys eat sandwiches with the crust on so i just come to school and ask you to do it."
And the truth comes out! That's the last time I take his crust off!

I completed my Resume and sent it in to my new job last night and I got the kitchen packing completed this afternoon. I feel much better about everything today! I just need to keep truckin and it will all get done eventually. My cousy and possibly my friend are coming to help me finish tomorrow night!! Thanks guys!

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