Monday, February 20, 2012


It's that time of year again...moving time! I tend to move once a year because i am always looking for the best deal/nicest place to live in a good location compared to work. The last 3 years i've moved 5 times and i'm about to move 3 more in the next 6 months or so. My motto has been "I take my life one lease at a time." Let's just say i dislike moving around so much but i love change! Along with the opportunity for change comes the opportunity to purge! I LOOOOOOVE getting rid of things! Is that weird?! It is my favorite thing about moving! It always seems like there is something to get rid of even though i do it at least once a year! It is INSANE how much a person can collect in such a short amount of time! As I purge I like to look through things and see if there is any value to it or reason to keep it. This usually brings up all kinds of memories. It seems the last few times i've moved i have not done so much of that type of purging because i was afraid of what I might find. This time I am really into looking through every box, journal and picture. It's been refreshing throwing away pictures i shouldn't have kept and notes i don't need to read. My favorite thing i've found so far has been my prayer journal/notebooks that i have written prayers in. God has taught me so much in the along the way and that is clearly stated in the privacy of my own thoughts and prayers in those journals. Packing is one of the worst tasks but looking at it as packing for the beginning of the rest of my life has been super helpful. Let go of the old and step in to the new!
Please help me to find joy in my journey even when it's hard to let things go. Remind me that no matter what I let go of physically it is not invalidating the past or causing me to loose the memories that go along with those items but rather helping me leave them in the past as a lesson i learned from not to be dragged in to the future. Thank you for all the good and bad that you have brought me through! I look forward to many more adventures along the way! Thank you for being my best friend/Abba/Lover of my soul.

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