Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fear of an un wasted life

Did I just say I'm afraid of not wasting my life?! Why yes I did! In other words, I hope I waste my life! Let me explain....
Today the sermon was on Mark 14:1-11. It's a story from the gospel that any seasoned Bible reader would know, but, today I saw it in a different light. It's one account from the gospels of the women anointing Jesus with oil just a few days before passover. During this time of year it was highly encouraged of the people to give to the poor. So here this women is coming along with her jar of oil (costing one years worth of wages) and what does she do with it? She breaks it over Jesus head and pours the ENTIRE jar on Him! WHAT A WASTE, right?! Well...not really even a little bit. She was anointing JESUS CHRIST with this oil!! Yeah know, like the Jesus who walked on water, raised people from the dead, worked miracles...yeah...that Jesus. So can we really chastise this women for "wasting" her entire jar of oil on Jesus head? Nope...we can not. So how do I apply this to myself? Well, I can "waste" my life for Jesus. When it comes to funds, give it all to Jesus. When it comes to time, give it all to Jesus. When it comes to work, work for Jesus. When it comes to moving across country (even though I am scared spitless of leaving my friends and family behind),yep, do that for Jesus too! When it comes to ANYTHING I DO, DO IT ALL FOR JESUS! If this means "wasting your life" in the eyes of the world then so be it! BUT if I am "Wasting my life" for JESUS then IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT!
So is there joy in a "wasted" life? You bet there is! I am excited to waste my life while finding joy in the journey along the way!


  1. Hooray! This makes me want to preach my, "Be the Waterfall" sermon! :)

  2. have i heard this sermon before but I'm just forgetting?