Monday, November 15, 2010

The art of almost killing ones self (purly accidental of course)

In the last blog I was talking about the art of loosing ones mind. Now I have more arts that I am mastering to share with you! It seems as though self inflicted injury has been a talent of mine since I was very young. I tend to fall off things or drop things (garage doors and such) on myself on a regular bases (seems to run in the family at least as far as the cousins on my mother's side of the family are concerned). Yesterday however was the most interesting one of them all because I was alone in someone else's house. I was getting ready to throw a baby shower for my good friend or in other words "sister" (something you will learn about my family is that we adopt everyone...especially only children that need to be indoctrinated into silbinghood!) alone in the house of my aunt and uncle. Needless to say things went wrong..very wrong!! As the time was nearing for the shower and I was expecting help to arrive soon I was filling a water with a glass 20 (or so) oz cup. After using the cup and setting it in the sink I realized that it would be a better idea to just dry it and put it away (going back to the art of loosing ones mind i would probably forget where I had found the cup in the first place). Well...I picked up the glass and then immediately dropped it back into the sink. I was trying to catch it and ended up putting my arm right in to war zone where the glass shattered on my arm and sliced a huuuuge gash! Not only did it crash into the sink half of it went onto the floor where I was standing barefoot! I had to stop and think to myself "What does a person do in this situation? I am in someone else's house and I am surrounded by glass with a gash in my arm" I quickly grabbed a paper towel that was sitting there and then called my aunt to see if she would answer her cell phone but she was busy (which i figured would be the case). Anyways...after a lot of drama and me essentially freaking out after trying so hard not to she called me back and I found a band aid to place on the wound. It was rather comical and scary all at the same time. Some friends had to come rescue me because they were the only ones I could get a hold of right away. I had to think to myself again "These are good things to know since I live by myself and often times end up in situations like this. I am suprised in 7 months of living alone I have not further injured myself in my own self care." haha...anyways..all that to say some people are now convinced that I need a personal assistant to watch me at all times so I  don't have anymore "Accidental Suicide attempts" as it was so loving put! GO ME! WOOT!

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