Friday, November 19, 2010

The ways we deal with children

Have you ever wondered why we poke children in their belly or tickle them to death when we are happy for them or rub the tops of their head when we say hi. I know I don't like any of these things happening to me but yet I do it to them. The joys of working with autism is that these things come back around to bite you. I realized today after poking a child in the stomach for fun, when he did it back i did not enjoy it. Makes me wonder why it is socially acceptable for us to do it to them. hm...? BUT if a little boy (not so much girls) falls over and starts to cry, all you have to do is ask him if his limb or joint (ie..elbow, knee, leg, arm, whatever he hurt) is going to fall off or if it's still there while pretending to look for it. Suddenly he starts to laugh and the world is a better place because now it's fun. But if you do this to a little girl (learned that one the hard way) then they cry harder and genuinely think their joint or limb is missing or going to fall off!! haha...oh children. gotta love their ways.
So many thoughts running through my head in the last few days which are all too crazy to explain at the moment but hopefully the emotion will work out soon and i can verbalize it better.

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