Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Questions and lessons

So yesterday I was walking through the hall at the elementary school I work at and low and behold there are kids probably about 4th grade with cell phones. Why in the WORLD would a 4TH GRADER need a cellular phone?!?!?! I mean are we for reals? Are children really spending that much time on their own now a days that the parents need to keep track of them through cell phones? When I was a kid i was either down the street or with my parents. So why would children need it other then they are roaming the streets by themselves and their parents allow this! It drives me crazy! anyways...
I also discovered I HATE technology for the fact that it is waaaay too easy to make mistakes. Like sending the wrong person a text message or thinking you are talking to one person but really it is another and since you can't hear their voice or see their face you would have no idea if it was actually them or not.
Also....I have been learning my whole life that my mouth will have the end of me but just yesterday that REALLY hit home! I want nothing other then For God to be in complete control of my actions and my mouth. I pray that this becomes the case and I stop being STUPID like I have been my whole life and running my mouth even when I KNOW what I am saying is wrong! I make myself very angry and I am making the buck stop here! NO MORE!
On a lighter note...I have been waiting for 2 years to get Hercules a Hot dog Costume for Halloween since He is part Dachshund. I went to Target yesterday and it was only 5 bucks!! woot!! So next year he will be a hotdog!! So cute!!! ;)

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