Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Art of loosing ones mind

I have no idea what I will be like at the age of 60 because at the age of 23 I am already loosing my mind! Today I was thinking all day "It's payday it's payday..don't forget to get your check cause it's payday" I also needed to turn in my time card. Well I gave that to someone else to turn in and then realized I forgot to total the hours up on it. So I had to go to the office and do that before leaving. I got to the office and did so then walked out to my car promptly forgetting my check. I realized as i was about the open the door to my car that I had forgotten. I open the car throw my purse in, grab my keys and my phone and walk all the way back to office. When I arrived at the office for the second time I told the secretary that I would have been horribly bummed if I had left for the four day weekend without my paycheck. So she handed me the check and had me sign for it. i set my phone and my keys down to sign. After signing I grabbed my keys and walked out. Walked all the way back to my car and then realized that I did not have my phone! This time I said "forget it" to the walking so I drove up to the office door and walked in again commenting to the secretary that i was definitely loosing my mind, grabbed my phone and walked out! Oh boy...if people only knew how many times a day I do things like this! I have to set reminders on my phone to go off at random times of the day if I need to remember anything even the slightest bit of importance! It is bad...realllllllll bad!


  1. Well, it could have been worse. You could have locked your keys in your car. Yup, that would have been worse.

  2. Been there..done that...a thousand or more times. haha..the nice thing about this car is that it has a button lock so i never use the door one which prevents locking my keys in the car. :)