Monday, November 8, 2010

Lions and Tigers and JR highers, OH MY!!!!!!!!!

This weekend I had the adventure of going on my third annual JR high retreat with the kids from church. Oh Boy do they wear me out! It is always such an amazing adventure though! Working with preschoolers is always awesome when they want to sit on your lap and just love you but when you can gain the respect and appreciation from a Jr high student it is so much more monumental because that is when they are really coming into their own and you can have such an awesome impact on their life (all for the Glory of God with HIS strength of course!)! Anyways...i love working with them. They never cease to stress me out and amaze me with how much drama they can create with their seemingly simple lives but it is all good in the end. This weekend we taught them about Why we trust God's word and how to know it's true. Along with all kinds of fun activities and craziness I think a huge impact was made on each of their lives. Some high lights of the weekend were 1) the car ride on the way up was awesome because the kids in my car were all boys and one girl but they actually talked to me the entire ride instead of just each other and we had very fun conversations including Austin naming almost every movie known to man and being shocked I had seen maybe three of them he had listed haha. 2) While we were there we saw about three tarantulas (in the last 13 years the couple who sponsors the Jr high ministry have only ever seen maybe one) and one of them I forgot my sister is deathly TERRIFIED of Spiders so I called her over to look at it and after getting MAYBE 15 feet from it she ran away screaming a not so pleasant word and felt really bad later (hahaha..oops)! 3) During one of the meal times most of the girls were sitting at one table all together and one of them took a bagel off my sisters plate and ate it. I later came over and started to eat her cereal right about the time she noticed her bagel missing. She was so distraught that someone ate her bagel (all in good fun of course) that she didn't notice me eating her cereal even though she was looking right at me. She then looked over as her plate was being cleared and declared "MY CEREAL!" in which EVERY girl busted up laughing because they all noticed minutes before she did that I was eating it. hahaa....we love you SISSY!!!! 4) Then the ride home I had a very intense but awesome conversation with one of the fellow counselors (Mary). All in all it was a good and stretching weekend where God taught me a WHOLE new meaning to the word patience.
Daily attempting to be in HIS glory,

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